MŪZIKA TEV (Music for You) is a cycle of four educational concerts for students and young adults in four age groups from grade 1 to 12 created and realised by VSIA Latvijas Koncerti. The listeners of Mūzika Tev come from different educational institutions in Latvia in order to attend 4 concerts with different musical content, themes and cultural context in one of 4 different age groups (grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) over the course of a school year.
The concerts are developed in a way that engages and educates both students that pursue special musical education as well as those in general education.

The concerts for children and young adults have been happening for over 20 years to offer the younger generation a chance to expose themselves to concerts of good musical quality and versatile in their content in a time and manner convenient for them. The concerts do so by educating, involving, entertaining, expanding the listeners’ musical horizons and cultivating their critical thinking. Each year we develop new concert programmes and warmly welcome new listeners in order to:
- offer cultural education to children and young adults
- develop listening skills and a proper cultural event etiquette
- explore music in its connection to the cultural scenery of different countries
- raise the children’s interest in music and other branches of art and culture
- enable children and young adults to attend musically and stylistically diverse concerts and broaden their horizons
- develop skills of proper behavior and concentration

We believe our work is important in making regularly attending good quality concerts an easily attainable experience for any child and young adult.
We believe that attending Mūzika Tev concerts is one of the many small, yet significant steps towards a making culture-oriented and critically-thinking music listener and cultural event attendee with a diverse set of interests.

Each listener will hear four concerts different in their themes, musical content and cultural context over the course of a year. One of them will be based in academic music and will teach the children to be attentive listeners, while another will feature more popular music. One of the four concerts will feature Latvian classics, while another will explore foreign music and cultural history. One concert will be performed as a stage production while another will be a showcase of a world-renowned orchestra or choir’s mastery. One concert will be augmented by film fragments while another one by choreography and dance. There will be concerts exploring he history of music and there will be concerts that let audiences catch a glimpse of the current state of 21st century music.  Our programmes are planned and created by musicians, composers and artists known in both Latvia and abroad, and aided by our concert mom – musicologist and concert host Karina Bērziņa.
In each age group the content of the concerts develops along with the audience – both first-time Mūzika Tev guests as well as its regulars will be able to discover something new.

The teacher and students follow the concert calendar and on the concert dates the students are expected at the selected time of attendance in each of the four concerts. The seats are not numbered as seating is shown by concert administrators. Students arriving early are asked to take seats closer to the stage while those arriving closer to the beginning of the concert – at the back or the balcony. This way the children can experience each of the concerts from a different vantage point while listening together so they can be easily overseen by their teacher during the performance.
The concert duration for the youngest audiences doesn’t exceed one hour while the concerts for the latter grade students last around 1.5 hours.
All concerts are held in the Riga Congress hall. The price of the pass is 19 EUR per student for all 4 concerts. 

To attend the concerts with a class, we kindly ask teachers to make seat reservations ahead of time. We accept applications from spring up to the first autumn concerts by phone at 26698338 or by filling the form in the How to apply section of the website.